Hair Transplant Turkey Cost

hair transplant cost in turkey

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Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

Some factors such as the number of grafts to be made, the duration of the procedure, whether the donor area has enough follicles in the individual, causes the procedure to vary from person to person. Prices may not be standard, as each individual has a unique treatment plan.

In addition, with different pricing according to the types of services to be received, Quartz Hair Clinique aims to make it easier for individuals with different budgets to access hair transplantation.

As it can be seen in the table, all individuals who receive hair transplantation treatment from Quartz Hair Clinique have services such as picking up from the airport by VIP vehicle and returned to the airport by VIP vehicle, 6000 graft hair follicles, PRP injection, pharmaceuticals and post-op care and translator. In addition to all these, those who want to have a more comfortable process and get to know Turkey better can purchase the Integrated package by paying little more.

You can contact Quartz Hair Clinique right now to find out the answers to all questions and get a detailed price quote, completely free of charge. All contact information is available on the Contact Us page on the clinic’s website.

Hair Transplant Techniques

Among the different hair transplantation techniques, the most suitable one for the individual is determined and the probability of the result of the application is increased. Different application methods and personalized planning also affect the cost of the procedure.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Hair follicles are collected from the donor area and the hair follicles are kept in a special solution so that they remain alive and their structure does not deteriorate. After collecting a sufficient number of grafts, it is passed to the area to be transplanted, and tiny channels are opened here using the micro motor technique. As the last step, hair follicles are placed in these channels and the process is completed.

It is a painless procedure since the FUE technique is applied both before the procedures in the donor area and local anesthesia is applied to the hair transplant area. In addition, there is no scar tissue after the procedure. Another advantage is that the hair does not need to be shaved.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transfer)

Skin grafts in small strips are cut and removed. There are 2 – 3 hair follicles in each skin graft. These are placed in the hair transplant area by suturing. While there is no scar after other techniques, fine suture scars may be evident in this procedure. 

In addition, there may be more pain complaints in the post-application period compared to other procedures, since stitches are put in and the grafts are cut and removed. It can also be said that the area is a little more prone to infection. The individual will need to protect the seams. For these reason, it is a method that is not preferred much nowadays.

DHI (Direct Hair Transplantation)

It is performed by collecting the hair follicles with a special tool called CHOI and fixing the hair follicles directly to the area using CHOI without the need for channel opening. The processing time is shorter than other applications.

It is a completely similar operation to the FUE procedure, and as in the FUE technique, there is no scar tissue after this procedure, and there is not much pain after the procedure. What is more advantageous and different from FUE is that there is no grooving process.

Sapphire FUE

It is the FUE procedure using a special sapphire tipped tool. Thanks to the special structure of the sapphire, the probability of survival of the hair follicles during the procedure increases even more. This situation has some advantages for the patient. These:

  • Shorter recovery time
  • Less tissue damage
  • Use of sapphire special tips instead of steel
  • Opportunity to have more frequent hair transplants
  • More comfortable recovery after transplantation

Why Should I Choose Quartz Hair for Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

Quartz Hair Clinique is one of the most equipped and prestigious hair transplant clinics in Turkey. For many years, many individuals from abroad and at home have preferred QuartzHair to have healthy, natural, lush and shiny hair.

Hair transplantation in Turkey is no different from developed countries such as America and Europe in terms of process quality. However, when the price is compared, it is sufficient to pay even less than half of it. Many individuals prefer Turkey for hair transplant treatment because it offers low cost and a highly comfortable process.

In Turkey, treatment can be obtained from one of the country’s most famous and most successful doctors for even less than half the price compared to other countries, and besides this, accommodation in a luxury hotel room, VIP vehicle and private chauffeur picking up the individual from the airport and dropping them back to the airport on the way back, eating and drinking and vacation. A little bit payment difference can provide a person for all of these luxury services.


What Should I Do After Hair Transplantation?

Your doctor will tell you what you should pay attention to in the first days after hair transplantation. You should not scratch the area, use any medication other than the pain reliever recommended by the doctor, do not touch the area in case of light bleeding, keep the hair transplant area away from the pillow by using a high pillow in the first days, get help from the clinic for hair washing, avoid smoking and alcohol, and avoid sexual intercourse for a few days.

What About Daily Life After The Transplantation?

Since local anesthesia is applied to individuals during the procedure, there will be no disruption in their daily life. As long as the individual manages to keep his or her hair away from sunlight, dusty and dirty air, he or she can do his or her daily work without tiring himself or herself.

In the first days, it is necessary to sleep in an appropriate position in order to overcome the complaints such as edema, swelling and bleeding faster. In addition, healthy foods, non-edematous foods should be consumed, such as limiting salt consumption. Individuals who have hair transplantation should rest and protect their hair as much as possible. Hands should not be touched and even if bleeding occurs, it should not be intervened. Small bleeding is very normal and it is better to wait for it to pass. If there is a serious or worrying condition, the individual should immediately notify their doctor. As long as the individual acts in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations after hair transplantation, the possibility of developing a complication is very rare. Individuals can be sure that they will have a comfortable process.

Is There A Need For Any Special Treatment After The Operation?

In the first 10 days after hair transplantation, the hair of the individual is washed every day in the clinic and lotion is applied. After this process, the individual should continue to use a lotion and shampoo suitable for the healing process until the doctor gives permission. 

Apart from this, any other treatment that needs to be done specifically, etc. there is none. The results of individuals are permanent for life as long as they do not experience any health problems that cause hair loss. After getting through the recovery process, life continues in a completely normal way.

When Do I Get To See The Result Of The Operation?

When individuals who have hair transplantation will see the result varies from person to person. It takes at least 4 months to see the transplanted hair grow for the first time. After that, it varies between 12 – 18 months depending on the hair growth rate that the individual has normally. The hair growth rate of individuals is related to their metabolic structure. You should not forget that you should wait for a maximum of 18 months for the full result. When you’re patient, you’ll see how much of a difference your change makes.

Is The Result Permanent?

The process performed in hair transplantation is the hair follicles taken from the body of the individual and these hair follicles are living structures. In order to keep them alive, hair follicles are kept in a special solution during hair transplantation. They are still alive when added to the scalp. 

They continue to live here by clinging to the scalp where they are planted. Therefore, you get a completely permanent result. Just like your other hair, it grows, develops, grows and can be cut. When you have successfully passed the required healing process, you can shape your hair as you wish and have your hair cut. Your new hair will stay with you as long as you do not develop any health problems that cause hair loss throughout your life.

Is It Going To Look Natural?

Since the hair follicles used during hair transplantation are alive, they have exactly the same properties as the hair previously found on the scalp. Therefore, they look natural and no one will know that you have had your hair transplanted, unless you specify it. Of course, only your new perfect look can reveal that. Except this, since there is no scar tissue left in the hair transplantation process, the result looks extremely natural and healthy.

Will There Be Any Scarring After The Operation?

In hair transplantation, only scar tissue remains in the FUT technique. Other techniques do not leave any scar.

The reason for the scar tissue in the FUT technique is the removal of skin grafts by making an incision during the procedure and placing these grafts on the scalp by suturing while they are fixed. Although the stitches are thinly stitched with the aesthetic suture technique, the scars are evident because too many stitches are placed. When individuals use their hair by extending it a little, these scars remain under the hair and are not visible. However, when individuals shorten their hair too much, dotted fine lines will appear with their skin color.

There is no such problem in FUE and DHI techniques.

Is Hair Transplantation A Painful Process?

In the hair transplantation process, local anesthesia is first applied to the donor area, and then it is applied to the area to be transplanted.

In addition, mild pain may be experienced for the first 2-3 days after the procedure. There may be accompanying symptoms such as bruising, redness, light bleeding and mild edema. These symptoms will go away on their own over time. 

In cases such as itching and bleeding, the area should never be touched. Even when there is edema, the area should not be touched by hand. Microorganisms on the hands can cause infection and damage the hair follicles that have just begun to cling to the scalp. Individuals should communicate with their doctor about all the problems they experience and follow their doctor’s recommendations.

How To Sleep After A Hair Transplant?

In the first week, the back should be slightly elevated and a high pillow should be used for sleeping. Keeping the head elevated reduces the chance of bleeding and helps reduce edema.

In this way, individuals who have a faster and more comfortable recovery process are more satisfied with the result they receive. If there is a recliner at home, it would be much better to sleep here for a few days. If there is no such furniture, it should give the appropriate position per individual on the bed with pillows.

How To Wash Hair After Hair Transplant?

In general, after the first 48 hours of hair transplantation, the hair washing phase is started and this is applied once a day for 10-15 days, according to the doctor’s opinion. A health professional helps while washing the hair and a special lotion and shampoo are used for the treatment.

Shampoo is applied with light finger movements so as not to damage the hair roots. Shampoo is left on the hair for 40 minutes in the first wash and for 20 minutes in the following days. Then the hair is rinsed with warm water without damaging the area. Hair is shampooed several times and then lotion is applied. The lotion is applied and dries within a few minutes. The lotion does not need to be rinsed off with water.

Apart from these, one of the things that should be known is that there is a reason why the shampoo that is normally used is not used in the recovery process after hair transplantation. The shampoo and lotion used in this process soothes the crusting and flaking of the skin. You should stay away from shampoo and hair care products that you use routinely until your doctor tells you.