DHI Hair Transplant

dhi hair transplant

DHI Hair Transplant, is a hair transplantation technique performed by transferring hair grafts taken from the donor area directly to the transplant area. In this technique, there is no need to open any canal or incision in the problematic area. Therefore, it does not cause bleeding and a wound appearance, even in the form of a point.

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DHI technique is a technique frequently preferred and searched by patients who especially care about the aesthetic appearance of hair. In the DHI technique, only the donor area and the area to be transplanted are shaved. In other words, a hairy area is left on the head. Since the entire scalp is shaved in other techniques, the DHI technique is also called “unshaven hair transplantation”

The reason for shaving the hair before hair transplantation is that it creates a favorable environment for bacteria formation due to its structure. Shaving the hair reduces the risk of infection and the surgeons can perform their work in a more comfortable environment. Also in DHI technique more surgeons can work at the same time. While only 2 surgeons can operate as a team in FUE technique, 3 and more than 3 surgeons can perform the operation at the same time in DHI technique. Thus, more work can be done in the operation in a less time.

How is DHI Hair Transplant Operation Performed?

DHI hair transplantation operation is relatively easier than other hair transplantation techniques. However, the DHI technique is similar to the FUE technique in terms of harvesting hair grafts.

The micro motor used in the Micro FUE technique is also used in the DHI technique to harvest hair grafts. The harvested grafts are then placed into the implanter pen. The transplantation is performed by sliding the hair graft without any prior incision or channel opening in the area to be transplanted. Of course, since these procedures are performed under local anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain.This transfer process is done with a special transplant pen called Choi implanter without the need for any incision or canal.

These special pens are empty inside and contain a special spring mechanism. In this way, the tip of the pen enters the scalp while the hair grafts are inside and the surgeon activates the spring mechanism to slide the hair graft into the scalp. Thus, hair transplantation is performed with a minimally invasive procedure.

In our Quartz Clinique hair transplant center, only surgeons and healthcare professionals specialized in hair transplantation are employed. Hundreds of patients from Turkey and abroad prefer us every year, trusting our surgeons’ knowledge and our expert team.

Who can DHI Hair Transplant Technique be performed on?

DHI technique can be performed on all people who need hair transplantation. However, after a consultation with your surgeon, it can be decided whether this technique is suitable for you. Among the reasons why this technique cannot be performed for you may be that the patient’s hair is too thin or the patient’s hair density is too low. According to scientific data, hair transplantation procedures are more successful in patients with thicker and higher hair density.

What are the Advantages of DHI Technique?

The biggest advantage of the DHI technique is that there is no shaving before the procedure. This allows the patient to continue his/her life without disturbing his/her aesthetic appearance. So much so that if the patient uses long hair, he/she can easily hide the transplanted areas. Since there is no opening of any canal or incision, there will naturally be less bleeding in the transplanted area. Therefore, the redness in the transplanted area will heal faster.

Another advantage may be that the hair follicles have a better chance of survival. Because in this technique, the hair grafts are kept in the special solution for a shorter period of time than in other techniques and come into contact with less air. In addition, the DHI technique gives your surgeon more freedom in a sense. Because in this technique, there is no incision or channel in which the hair graft can be placed, the surgeon can place the hair graft at any angle and in any way he wants. In this way, the result of hair transplantation can be closer to your dream look depending on your surgeon.

At Quartz Clinique, we have surgeons specialized in hair transplantation. In addition to their expertise, our surgeons have worked in many clinics, including abroad, and have gained experience in this field. Therefore, our surgeons also care about the aesthetic perceptions of our patients and the results of hair transplantation with DHI technique are always as our patients’ dreams.

What are the Disadvantages of the DHI Technique?

The disadvantage of the DHI technique may be that it works in smaller areas compared to other techniques. In other words, fewer hair grafts can be transported in the DHI technique. Therefore, the DHI technique is generally preferred in smaller and specific areas. In addition, since it has a smaller working area, the DHI technique, which is applied by inexperienced surgeons, can also be considered a disadvantage that other hair follicles can be damaged while collecting hair grafts with Choi implanter.

Since the number of procedure steps is reduced to 2 in the DHI technique, it is a relatively more expensive technique. Although the number of steps is reduced in the DHI technique, the number of teams working in the operation may increase and therefore a more intensive effort may be performed. This may be considered as a disadvantage for some patients as it will increase the price. Since it works on a smaller and more specific area, fewer grafts are collected and transplanted in one session compared to other techniques. Therefore, more than one session is usually required. The fact that patients have to constantly come to the clinic may be considered as a disadvantage by some of our patients.

What is the Recovery Time of DHI Hair Transplantation?

A relatively easy recovery process takes place after DHI hair transplantation. The first 1-2 weeks after the operation is the most intense period of recovery. During this process, the first washing and care of the hair is performed at Quartz Clinique one or two days after the operation. During this care, the condition of the hair follicles is also checked.

Within 10 to 15 days after the operation, new weak hair strands and scabs may shed. This is an expected situation and should not be worried. In the following 3 to 6 months, the hair follicles strengthen in their new places and new hair begins to grow. However, it may still be necessary to wait up to 1 year to see the final result.

What are the Prices of DHI Technique?

The price of the DHI technique may vary according to the number of grafts to be taken and the number of sessions required.  However, since the prices of the Choi instruments used are also included in this technique, the DHI technique is relatively the highest-priced hair transplant technique.

Quartz Clinique is a clinic accredited by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. Therefore, you will not encounter any deficiencies neither during care nor during the operation. The all-inclusive packages we offer to our patients coming from abroad are very preferred. Because our all-inclusive packages include 4 or 5 star hotel accommodation, airport transfer service and full care treatments according to the preferences of our patients. For more detailed information about our all-inclusive packages, please contact us via calling 0212 241 46 24.

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