Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy

You can learn in detail about what hair mesotherapy is, how the procedure is performed, at what stages, and what its benefits are from our content.

Hair problems are situations that everyone experiences at some point in their lives. The health of hair can be compromised due to genetic and environmental factors, leading to various issues. Hair loss, in particular, is a significant problem.

Men are more prone to hair loss due to genetic reasons. Therefore, serious hair loss and subsequent baldness are frequently seen in men at an early age. For women, hair loss can occur due to the use of hair care products, hair styling, and heat application. Mesotherapy is performed to address hair loss caused by various factors. Mesotherapy strengthens hair follicles and promotes healthier hair.

Hair mesotherapyWhat Is Hair Mesotherapy?

It involves the injection of a mixture containing vitamins and minerals such as Calcium, Iodine, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Iron, Potassium, and Minoxidil into the scalp using fine needles.

How Is The Hair Mesotherapy Treatment Administered?

Before the procedure, the individual’s hair condition needs to be assessed. Physical examination is conducted for this purpose. During the physical examination, the severity of hair loss is determined. It is checked if there are any underlying medical conditions, use of medications, alcohol and tobacco consumption, or any ongoing treatments. If there are no issues, mesotherapy treatment can proceed. The application progresses in the following stages:

The area where the procedure will be performed must be clean. If the application area is not clean, it is cleaned. The mixture containing vitamins and minerals is injected into the scalp using fine-tipped needles.

  • Care must be taken during the procedure.
  • The application time varies between 20-40 minutes.
  • You can easily return to your daily life after the procedure.

Recovery Process After Hair Mesotherapy

After the procedure, you can return to your daily life on the same day. However, there are some points to be careful about. You should not wash your hair for one day. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. If possible, avoid going out in the sun for 2-3 days. When you do go out, protect your hair with a hat. Do not play with or massage your scalp. Avoid activities in places like saunas, pools, and the sea. Additionally, try to avoid alcohol and alcohol consumption during this period. Paying attention to these conditions will make the recovery process easier and more successful.

What Are the Benefits of Hair Mesotherapy?

You can have mesotherapy treatment to address your hair problems. If we list the benefits of hair mesotherapy:

  • Hair follicles strengthen, preventing hair loss.
  • Issues in the scalp are corrected.
  • Blood circulation in the scalp improves, resulting in healthier hair.
  • It facilitates easier hair growth.
  • It corrects the matte appearance of hair and makes it look shinier.
  • It supports the growth of new hair.
  • Strengthens thinning hair strands, giving you fuller, more voluminous hair.
  • It prevents hair from breaking easily.

Hair Mesotherapy Prices

Hair mesotherapy prices vary. The size of the areas to be treated, whether the treatment is on the scalp or the skin, the experience of the doctor performing the treatment, the products used in mesotherapy and the quality of the injectors all affect the price. It is not appropriate to quote prices on websites for aesthetic and health services, as there are regulations regarding the disclosure of prices on Ministry of Health websites. For more information about the application of mesotherapy, you can contact us using the information on our contact page and easily make an appointment. After making an appointment, our clinic staff and experts will answer any questions you may have. We offer services with our experts in all areas of aesthetics to help you achieve a more attractive appearance and greater self-confidence. You can call our clinic at +902122414624 for information about mesotherapy prices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Mesotherapy

You can find detailed answers to frequently asked questions about hair mesotherapy below.

What is the age limit for the procedure?

The age limit is +18. However, if there are individuals under this age with a serious hair condition, the procedure can be performed only under the supervision of a specialist.

Can men have hair mesotherapy?

Yes, both men and women can undergo this procedure.

Who is not suitable for hair mesotherapy?

There are some groups for whom the procedure is risky. These groups include:

  • Pregnant and breastfeeding individuals,
  • Those with scalp diseases or allergies,
  • Individuals who have recently undergone hair transplantation,
  • Individuals with serious illnesses like cancer who are undergoing treatment,
  • Those with endocrine disorders.
  • Individuals with the above-mentioned conditions or problems should consult a doctor before undergoing the procedure. Otherwise, more serious health issues may arise.

What are the possible side effects of Hair Mesotherapy?

One of the most common side effects after the treatment is swelling of the skin. This is a temporary side effect. There may be redness, swelling and itching of the scalp. These are expected side effects and are temporary. If these side effects do not subside, we recommend that you contact the clinic where you had the procedure.

Is the procedure painful?

Yes, there is a feeling of pain during the procedure because of the injections into the skin. However, the pain is not severe or unbearable.

How many sessions will I need?

Up to 10 sessions are usually required to achieve effective and long-lasting results. The average time between sessions should be about 15 days.

How long does mesotherapy take?

The procedure takes about 10-15 minutes for men and about 30 minutes for women. The longer duration for women is due to their hair being thicker and longer.

Is the treatment permanent?

Mesotherapy has permanent effects. As it is applied continuously, the effects are maintained. On average, the effects can last for 3-4 years. After this period, you can have another session of hair mesotherapy if needed.