Hair Transplant Correction

Hair Transplant Correction Surgery

Hair Transplant Correction , It is very important that the hair transplant operation is performed by a doctor who has received medical training in this field and has gained experience for a long time. Treatment should be carried out by paying attention to sterilization conditions in the clinical setting. After the treatment, individuals should listen to the recommendations of their doctors and take the necessary precautions to avoid complications. If all these conditions are not met, hair transplant correction surgery may be needed. This means a new operation to be performed for the correction of hair transplantation.

What is a corrective hair transplant?

The reason why hair transplant treatment, one of the most popular aesthetic procedures of recent years, has become so popular is that more and more individuals realize how natural and healthy the results look. Hair transplantation treatment, which is a permanent solution to the problem of baldness not only in men but also in women, can sometimes cause undesirable results when performed by the wrong people. In this case, of course, people are not helpless. Hair transplant correction treatment is applied to individuals who encounter such a problem, and the problem is eliminated.

How is the Process?

The first thing to do after an unsuccessful hair transplant treatment with an undesirable result is to determine why the procedure failed. In some cases, individuals who are not suitable for hair transplantation may be treated. Sometimes, the individual’s failure to pay attention to the doctor’s warnings leads to complications. Before getting this treatment, you should make sure that the environment where you will have the procedure is a real clinic and you should learn the training information of your doctor.

For this, you can examine the online comments of people who have been treated in the clinic you have visited before. You should also pay attention to whether your doctor really cares about what you say when planning the procedure. This process is done on your body and should appeal to your liking. If you suspect that there will be a procedure that you will not be satisfied with, you should change your clinic. Although a good result is obtained medically, the individual’s satisfaction with the result means that the procedure is successful. Hair transplantation cannot be said to be successful when the individual is not satisfied.

Reasons for Failure in Hair Transplantation

Clinical Causes

Hair follicles are sensitive structures that can be damaged when taken improperly for hair transplantation. If they are not kept in the appropriate solution, these roots may die or infect the individual. For this reason, you should do a rigorous research about where you will have the procedure done before the operation.

Individual Reasons

The doctor talks about what he should pay attention to during the recovery process of the individual. All of these elements should really be taken care of by the individual. Otherwise, more serious symptoms than expected such as bleeding and excessive edema may be seen during the healing process and these symptoms may lead to complications. In order to prevent this situation, the warnings specified by the doctor should be applied completely.

Hair Loss

It may take 1 year for the result to be seen after the hair transplant treatment is applied. In this process, untreated hair experiences a shedding caused by the testosterone hormone. Then, the result may be in a way that the individual does not expect in the hair that grows. This situation can be controlled depending on the foresight of the surgeon performing the operation. An experienced surgeon should be careful about how much hair can be lost after the procedure and whether the individual will get the desired result as a result of the procedure. If the individual thinks that he does not have enough thick hair, the procedure can be performed again.

Is There a Solution for a Failed Hair Transplant?

Certainly! In the treatment of a failed hair transplant, a hair transplant can be done again. This process is called hair transplant correction treatment or hair transplant revision. In order to carry out this procedure, there must still be a sufficient number of hair follicle donors in the individual.

Previously transplanted hairs cannot be removed and replanted. For this reason, it is necessary to determine the donor area again and repeat the procedure exactly. New hair follicles can be easily placed between sparse hairs.

How to Fix Hairline?

In order to correct the hairline, grafts must be placed between the hairs. Placing the hair follicles at the right angle will make the image much better.

If your hair looks artificial, is very sparse, if you have not achieved the expected result from the procedure, all these problems can be eliminated with hair transplant correction treatment.

Is Getting Treatment at an Expensive Place a Solution?

Individuals think that paying more when they want to spend money on health shows that they are in a more reliable clinical environment. However, this is not true. The success criterion of the procedure is not about the cost, but how experienced the doctor is.

In our hair transplant operations in Istanbul, we always strive for individuals to achieve the results they want the most. First, we perform a detailed examination and health screening of the individual. Then we learn what kind of result he expects. By planning the process accordingly, we achieve the exact result that the individual wants. Thanks to our experience we have gained over many years, thousands of individuals get the look they want every year. In addition, our transaction fee is quite low compared to many countries. Despite this, we offer world-class, ultra-luxury treatment. For more detailed information about the whole process, you can visit our contact page.

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